Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Favianna Rodriguez - 11 Works of Art

Favianna Rodriguez is a celebrated printmaker and digital artist based in Oakland, California. Using high-contrast colors and vivid figures, her composites reflect literal and imaginative migration, global community, and interdependence. Whether her subjects are immigrant day laborers in the U.S., mothers of disappeared women in Juárez, Mexico, or her own abstract self portraits, Rodriguez brings new audiences into the art world by refocusing the cultural lens. Through her work we witness the changing U.S. metropolis and a new diaspora in the arts.

Ella es maravillosa!

Trick or Treat?

The annual F6 Gallery Holloween Show is right around the corner. I must say these guys have been putting in a lot of man-hours to get together clever shows like these and they are always a big success. Whether you're new to art, a local fan of fresh artist, or simply love to drink at art galleries, this show will be one to be scared about. Right after you go collect your candy come out and check out the show next Friday with your costume on!

Triple Threat Numero 7!

Rock Solid Crew comes at it again this year with a highly anticipated event, Triple Threat 7.
Not only is going to be held at Embargo (named #1 Theme Bar in Ft. Worth) but also the battles are going to be fresh with the 3-on-3 B-Boy battle, graffiti contest, 1-on-1 pop/lock and the 1-on-1 B-Boy/B-Girl battle. With over $1500 in prizes, you don't want to miss out seeing these cats battle for the rep, fun, and cash. So make sure to come out to this hip-hop cultural event.
Pass the word.

Triple Threat 7
210 E. 8th St. (Downtown Ft. Worth)
2pm - 9pm
$15 at the door

Good Cookin'

With a high of 86 degrees, you don't wanna stay at home getting over the hang over from the night before. Make your way to the Rec Shop and get some goods and come chill.

Rec Shop
1605 Lower Greenville
Dallas, TX
Starts @ 3pm.