Monday, April 28, 2008

DJ Nemeses @ Embargo

Look here, starting next Wednesday DJ Nemeses and DJ S.O.I. will be spinning true hip-hop and funk for all you true heads out there that want to come get a drink and jam good tunes. All Bboys welcome!
Here's a little taste of what you'll get

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I'm gonna be gone from the blog, the computer, the house, and yes...the city too, only because I'm going down to Austin for BBoy City this weekend with my boys from Sole Power (Dallas). What's great is that I'm taking some dope shirts that I've been working on (Truheads) and also to hook up WSK crew (Houston) with some gear too. So I'll be getting down on some street art and I'll bring you guys a scoop of whatever happens down there. Cool? In the mean time, go check out the F6 Gallery Lock-In Show and also the Ultraviolet Rock Show & Art Auction. Peace to the most high.


R.I.P. O.D.B.

New art by Sergio Garcia

Pause for the Cause

Cool place, great tunes, and featuring a SILENT AUCTION w/ COOL ART Donated By:
Amanda Meurer, Andrea Roberts, Ange Fitzgerald, Briana Wollman, C. Kirk, Carlton Odom, Claire Lemons, Dana McGuire, Dylan Hollingsworth, Enve, Erica Fellicella, Erik Glissman
Frank Campagna, Fred Holston, Hal Samples, Havi Frost, James Porter, Javier Valadez
Jen Carlisle, Jenifer McNeil Baker, Jo Skillz, Julie @ Make, Kelly Womble, Kimberly Gloe, Lorene Hererra, Matthew Orwig, Mike Fiddleton, Nathan Lemons, Richard Ross, Robbie Michael, Ryan Stalsby, Ryann Rathbone, Sergio Garcia, Tanya Meurer, Travis Williams .

F6 Lock-In Art Show

You already know the drill. F6 bringing one of many creative-themes art shows around the DFW area. See what the outcome is of locking-in a bunch of artists and have them paint all night long. Some artist include: JOE $KiLZ, Kneom, Matthew, DAVID2.0, Kate, DPe, MR.MINUS WON, paco, Dawveed, David, Saeb.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bombing Science: Blackbook Battle

Here comes the 7th official Bombing Science sketch battle! All the submitted sketches will be judged by Bates (COD, TNB, 156, WCA). This battle is sponsored by Tribal, so the winners will receive a lot of dope gear. The judge of this battle will announce the winners a few days after the deadline. Deadline is April 30th. All the sketches that will be submitted to us will also be posted online. So if you got a killing-ass blackbook page that you want to submit, check out the website for more info and what the rules are.

Come Rec It


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Street Art Locator

"What the fuck?" you might ask yourself, but indeed my friend, artist and web designer Andy Clark has put together this cool concept powered by google maps to allow any street art lover to spot art from everywhere around the world. His website,, let's people upload pictures and locate in the map where the art was spotted. You can search the world for anything from graffiti to stickers. So if you happen to take a picture of any street art you come across around the know where it can go for the whole world to see!

East vs West

Adidas designed a project to celebrate the iconic Superstar. This project involved artist from both East and West coast and a pair of giant, SUV-size exact replicas, down to the fire-hose shoelaces! Artists' collective included Surface2Air (NY) featuring Gordon Hull, Daniel Jackson and Alexia Stamatiou, and Upper Playground (SF) featuring Sam Flores. At the end of the three day project both shoes were transported to Venice Beach, CA for a showdown! A short film about the act was made to document both parties' experiences and different styles.


I know this might look kind of random, but as a fan of skateboarding and a skateboarder myself, I got so much love for the game SKATE. This goes way back between friends and rivals to show what new tricks you've learned practicing in your room carpet and what not. So now Collective Board Shop bring up the official eS game of SKATE tour to Dallas. Check it and sign up.

Collective is the official Texas stop of the eS game of SKATE tour.

Free Entry, Saturday the 28th of June.

Online registration is mandatory you MUST register on the game of SKATE web site.

Tell your friends.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Gallery

Including new works by Hal Samples, Luke Harnden, and Mark Nelson.
This gallery opening will be part of the Dallas Art Dealers Association art walk.

April 19th 2008
1130 Dragon St.
Suite 190
Dallas Tx.75207

Come out and support

Monday, April 14, 2008

Paletas v2.0

Sour Grapes were at the Sneaks Up 2008 in San Antonio debuting their new paleta shirts. By the look of it, seems that they were a hit! The design is fresh, the colors are loud, and the people that bring it to you are...well...bad ass. Big props on the tees. Now it's turn for Dallas to show love, so go order one at

Don't forget to go check out their blog also:

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Are your buttons easy to push?

Kenyon Bajus


Do It!

Call To Artist

For more information on these art events consult the website of the art group or search the postings. This calendar documents nonprofit art groups in North Texas. Contents:

1. Entry deadlines
2. Art walks / studio tours
3. Fairs & festivals
4. Art Lectures & Conferences
5. Fundraisers
6. Paintouts
7. Meetings / demonstrations
8. Painting, drawing & critique groups
9. Receptions & Awards
10. Exhibits
11. Workshops & Classes


Imagekind is a print-on-demand online store that an increasing number of artists are using to sell reproductions of their artwork. It is now offering art from over 50,000 artists, to a fast-growing marketplace of over 250,000 users. Imagekind allows little-known artists to share the landscape with better-known and established masters. For more information see the website at

Imagekind is one of the resources referenced in the guide Selling Your Art Online: a Guide to Artist Websites, Online Galleries and Stores, and Auction Sites.

This Weekend

(click image for larger view)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Coming Soon

"What's up world it is that time of the year again and Kixpo 2008 is around the corner. The event will be bigger, better, and fresher. Be on the lookout for another Thug Boss x Deadstock Collab tee and much, much more." is up and running, check it!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Live Art Review

The organizer of the Deep Ellum Arts Festival, Stephen Millard, was kind enough to let me execute the live art concept yesterday at the festival. This of course was done on the street so people could experience art being created on the spot. At the beginning of the afternoon we were put on a really good spot on the corner of Main St. and Malcom X but unfortunately the assholes from Chrysler Motors were complaining of us blocking their entrance and other fire lane crap. So even tho we were moved down few feet from the intersection, we were still able to have fun and paint all day. The response of the crowd was fantastic. Sunday was a better day, better spot, better art. Many curious pedestrians made their way to see the 'box' that we were painting on. I guess for people to see something like this being done was pretty new, specially when you have more than 5 artist painting one single object. Other artist stopped by and check out what we were doing and gave us a lot of props. Hey, even Dallas Morning News guy was fascinated. Anyways, I want to thank Stephen once again for letting us do this. Big props to all my friends that came by and painted: Mer, Chris, Danny, Chantelle, SEDSO, Richard, and the list goes on...
Thanks to Town2 Magazine for support, and also to everyone from Ghetto Palettes that were showcasing some great art at the festival too.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Live Art

The Deep Ellum Arts Festival will be going on this Friday thru Sunday. We were lucky enough to get a spot to do what we love to do, art. And what better way to bring it to the people other than doing it live! We'll be displaying some art also that will be available for purchase. So you already know, come down this weekend, experience all kinds of arts, crafts, music performances, and food.

Deep Ellum Arts Festival
April 4th - April 6th

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sour Grapes 13 Blog

The dudes from Sour Grapes just recently got into the blog game and started to write their own. There you can check out what they are up to and new projects they might be working on. They also have profiles of some dope artist like David Chong Lee and the Seventh Letter Crew. Go and check it out for yourself and stay updated!