Friday, February 29, 2008

Paletas Anyone?

You heard? Yeah, Sour Grapes Crew made the Quick Magazine front cover as they do the last touches for their show tomorrow. The article quickly reviews some of Sour Grapes history and tell what they are all about. With features from Soner, Heroin, and Day19....I can say expect the unexpected.

Don't miss out a special t-shirt that would be sold at the show. Come out and support the grapes.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Live at The Office

Yes yes yo, this is an event that we are gonna start doing every friday at The Office located in Deep Ellum. So come out and check out the Ghetto Paletts Krew getting down on some art live just for you. Ladies are welcome to come in for free before 11p.m. and of course all b-boys out there, we got a big space for you guys to come out and get down. So if you can spare 10 bucks for the cause come out, have some fun, and did I mention open bar!?

Fresh Bansky

Banksy has a show currently on exhibit at London’s Andipa Gallery.
Banksy has evolved into a cult figure of the street art movement with his signature stencil images of iconographic figures, often placed in ironic or humorous positions and situations.
Take a look at some of his most recent work here…

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Erykah Badu's New Amerykah

So as you might now by now Erykah Badu's new album New Amerykah just came out last night at midnight and she was down at Bill's Record Store doing an appearance to sign copies of the album for her fans. The crew and I were lucky to get there early and enjoy a mix sesssion by Dj Big Texas and some refreshments. A MySpace crew was there to hand out free tickets for her concert tonight at the House of Blues if you brought a copy of your profile with Erykah as your top friend. Bet your ass she was on mine! Anyhow...she came out, started signing shit, and that same night it was her birthday, I brought her a little present which I painted months ago when she preformed at the DMA. I presented her the painting and got my album signed. It sure was worth the 3 hour waiting...

A-1 got it!

Presenting the Queen with her present


MySpace Crew

Monday, February 25, 2008

Update: F6 Gallery coverage by Dallas Observer

The Dallas Observer DC9 At Night blog posted an article about F6 Gallery's 1 Year Anniversary Show. The blog gives F6 huge recognition on the way it's changing and innovating the art scene in both Dallas and Fort Worth. The article includes a slide show of pictures from the show. Read the article here.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Back At The Headquarters...

We're happy to say that this blog has been steady and I try to keep up with what goes on around the city. The content that is posted is always related to this growing community and the purpose is to bring the scene together. There are artist and other people who are starting to recognize the blog as a source of good coverage of the scene and a perfect way to keep the community updated. This is a good enough reason to start getting the word out there and perhaps get people to support our hustle. I made some shirts for the blog as a way of promoting it. I don't think I won't be mass producing these yet, so far I've made some exclusive tees for close friends. If you feel like our job is being well done and think that this blog is a good source of information for you, then I'll be glad to send you a t-shirt for a small donation of $8.00.

If interested send me an email at:


F6 Gallery 1 Year Anniversary

Last night was F6 Gallery one year anniversary art show and let me say that these cats have gone a long way for one year. A lot of people came out to check out the art and have a good time. All the local artist really put out some dope art. Mad props to the people of F6 for pulling such a great show. Here's some of what went down:

Drip Drip

A recent article in the NY Times by writer Rob Walker brings to light the successful graffiti artist turned entrepreneur transformation of KRINK, now known mostly as Craig Costello. The article uncovers how his home-made markers and trademark styles would go on to create the perfect foundation for his KRINK line of paints and markers which ironically possess a wide legion of fans from different art disciplines. Check the article out at the NY Times.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Art In Tha Hood!


Short notice...but a good notice.

Bringing the Art Back to Bishop Arts, the Free Range Art Project is a celebration and promotion of all artists in the DFW area. For the first year, the Free Range Art Project will benefit the Bishop Arts District and the Oak Cliff Transit Authority in addition to the Artists competition.

When: 2/23 - 2/24
Where: All over the DFW area with the final exhibit in the Bishop Arts District
Who: All artists - All Ages

Artist will venture out across The Cliff with their easels and canvases where you can witness a work of art evolve. There will be lots of art gallery owners and bids on pieces.

So be there. I will.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Uvas Chingonas

Told ya! I did remember to remember you about Sour Grapes art show March 1st. These vatos have done so much in '07, and this might be a little teaser of the bigger things they got ready for you in '08. So be sure to come out, hang out, buy some art, buy some shirts, kick it, and relax your mind. Invita a tu abuelita tambien!!!

Chomp On This

Aerosol Warfare in Houston were asked to paint a mural of Shepard’s Obama print image on the Obama Campaign Headquarters. We think it brings the message. Good work guys!

And check out the video of it being done.

Obama Mural

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(click image for lager view)

A word from Artifacts:

We want to rep the metroplex with a all covering hip hop event. Breaking, painting, dj's and of course some mc's performing. We are putting this together as a way to show that art can be a great outlet for venting. We have a real love for the sport. We wanted to keep it old school with the flyer and the ideals. The hard part is creating the buzz to complete are mission. It not about Artifacts is about are people as a whole. We need both Dallas and Fort Worth to work together on this one, as one.

The hip hop expo is an exibition of where we came from and where we are headed. We at ARTIFACTS GRAF HOUSE want to invite all those whom love hip hop to the show. This is an all ages event with a zero tolerance for idoits. So come one and come all; B-Boys, B-Girls, Graf Heads, MC's and DJ's. Lets make history! We will be updating the page with every bit of information on the show. Just added to the show SUB-CHRONICLES. They will be joining Kilo Artifacto. Dj CAPS ONE will be in the house. One of Houston's dopest DJs. ONE LOVE, ARTIFACTS GRAF HOUSE FORT WORTH, TEXAS.

There you have it.

Now go at it!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New T-Shirts: Sour Grapes

This just in: New Sour Grapes T-Shirts are available now thru their webiste. Make sure you go and get yours soon before they sell out!

" The new shirts are finally here just in time for The royal Rumble and F6 Gallery anniversary show. We will be selling a few designs at the F6 Gallery show on feb 23rd and the entire line up plus a secret limited edition shirt at THE ROYAL RUMBLE on March 1st. These shirts are already starting to sell and they may sell out after we release them. Make sure you pick up a shirt at any of these upcoming shows. We appreciate all of your support and hope to see you at all of the upcoming shows and parties. Support your local artist and musicians." -Sour Grapes

And for your viewing pleasure....

Monday, February 18, 2008


Hey kids, don't forget about this magnificent event coming up this Saturday Feb. 23. All your favorite cats and their art will be there, so make sure you be there too.

Art by the pound!

Come out and support!

For People Out There

Just as a reminder for anyone who happens to stumble across this blog once in a while, this is a blog for the community. So if you know of any events, art shows, or you're an artist yourself and want some exposure, make sure to email us. We welcomed any submissions of pictures of art, street art, graffiti, or info about the hustle you're doing to contribute to Dallas art scene.

I write this blog because I like to share what I'm about and what I'm interested in. I also do this to support every artist's hustle to try and make it through. It is important, as an artist myself, to try and contribute to this growing community and show our city what we're all about.

Thanks to all the people out there who enjoy reading through what I post and for the feedback I receive. Much love for people out there supporting my hustle and this blog.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


I was @ Kettle Art last night checking out Sergio Garcia's new series: Formal. My first impression of the gallery was of course, formal, since I was one of those dudes without a tie and dress shoes, but of course everyone was welcomed. It was interesting seeing so much graffiti-influential art pieces. I guess Sergio hasn't forgotten where it all started at. Well as I was walking through, I found myself contemplating the small installation in the corner with those small dog-looking creatures playing around the book shelfs; they were all labeled with designer brands and what I did noticed was that one of the creatures had an Adidas design on it, which it was kind of cool to see Adidas hanging out with Chanel. I was intrigued by the air brush techniques he used to detailed some of this canvas work. A lot of people came out and supported, since the whole place was packed. Major props to Sergio for this incredible gallery reception. Keep up the good work bro.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Big Bad Wolf

So I had a dream. A dream that I could refrain from using dots in between my sentences and actually be able to get my thoughts documented. My boy Javi's on it. The only kid I know that has his whole day planned 3 days in advanced and actually goes through with it. I said, "Yo, Javi! Let me write on your blog. I got some shit to get off my chest!" His answer: "Sounds good, Bro."

So here I am.

Call the kid Preface.

Act One
I'ma catch mad beef for this, but at this point, I gotta call it how I see it. Will someone please tell me why the youth adores Mr. Hussein Obama so damn much? I mean, don't get me wrong. I'm always down for change. But are we that damn simple-minded that we'll base our votes on charisma and promises alone? What has this cat truly shown you to win your vote so easily? 1st, he's a former republican. Funny that after a president has served his whole term, he has always been replaced with a president of the opposing party. Does this not seem convenient for Mr. Hussein to switch parties? He'd have absolutely no chance running as a republican, so he does the smartest thing he could and scoots over to the left side of the spectrum. Well done, Obama.
2nd, he voiced his opposition to the war BEFORE he got into the senate and admitted later that had he been in the senate at the time of the vote. Since he's been in, he's voted to fund the war at every turn, while hypocritically bashing Clinton and everyone else for their votes.
3rd, He voted to confirm Condoleeza Rice and renew the Patriot Act. THE FUCKING PATRIOT ACT! (Heads: Peep anything by Immortal Technique to get a better understanding of this)
Finally, he supported old war hawk Joe Lieberman in his senate race against anti-war challenger, Ned Lamont. The dude's MAD coo with Wall Street (he's gotten millions from Goldman Sachs) and he's a straight bitch on the subject of Israel's oppression of the Palestinians.

But yoooo, it's cool to dig Obama right? Your favorite rapper does.

Fuck that.

Don't vote one way because you're told to vote one way. Come with some real reasons. I heard on the radio today that they're actually paying people to vote for Hussein. Are you kidding me? How many people you know go from Muslim to Christian? The right to vote is something precious, you should NEVER be bought. Don't vote for someone because it's cool, vote for someone because they stand by some shit that they are actually capable of doing.

Heh, call me whatever you like, but this dude is suspect.

*Props to Javi for letting me excercise the 1st Ammendment*

I love my country. Do you?


Head Bleed

This past Friday, Ask Mortgage Joe hosted a night of art and party in Deep Elum. The art showcase consisted of works from the Ghetto Palettes crew and Javi. They had DJ iNzo on the 1's and 2's and lots of booze. Thanks again to Joe for hosting this event and supporting our hustle. Hopefully this won't the last event. I wanna thank Enve for inviting me in the showcase and all the people that came to support and have fun.

Make sure you keep your eyes open and look out for more from the Ghetto Palettes.