Thursday, February 21, 2008


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A word from Artifacts:

We want to rep the metroplex with a all covering hip hop event. Breaking, painting, dj's and of course some mc's performing. We are putting this together as a way to show that art can be a great outlet for venting. We have a real love for the sport. We wanted to keep it old school with the flyer and the ideals. The hard part is creating the buzz to complete are mission. It not about Artifacts is about are people as a whole. We need both Dallas and Fort Worth to work together on this one, as one.

The hip hop expo is an exibition of where we came from and where we are headed. We at ARTIFACTS GRAF HOUSE want to invite all those whom love hip hop to the show. This is an all ages event with a zero tolerance for idoits. So come one and come all; B-Boys, B-Girls, Graf Heads, MC's and DJ's. Lets make history! We will be updating the page with every bit of information on the show. Just added to the show SUB-CHRONICLES. They will be joining Kilo Artifacto. Dj CAPS ONE will be in the house. One of Houston's dopest DJs. ONE LOVE, ARTIFACTS GRAF HOUSE FORT WORTH, TEXAS.

There you have it.

Now go at it!

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