Sunday, February 17, 2008


I was @ Kettle Art last night checking out Sergio Garcia's new series: Formal. My first impression of the gallery was of course, formal, since I was one of those dudes without a tie and dress shoes, but of course everyone was welcomed. It was interesting seeing so much graffiti-influential art pieces. I guess Sergio hasn't forgotten where it all started at. Well as I was walking through, I found myself contemplating the small installation in the corner with those small dog-looking creatures playing around the book shelfs; they were all labeled with designer brands and what I did noticed was that one of the creatures had an Adidas design on it, which it was kind of cool to see Adidas hanging out with Chanel. I was intrigued by the air brush techniques he used to detailed some of this canvas work. A lot of people came out and supported, since the whole place was packed. Major props to Sergio for this incredible gallery reception. Keep up the good work bro.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you man.. glad u came out homie.