Monday, October 29, 2007

Sucks to be you

Have you ever stared at someone, you don't know why, and this person attracts you in some mysterious way...perhaps the smile, the clothes they wear, the way they walk, or simply by their action. Well seems to me that most of us have had that reaction. I've wondered sometimes if people wold react the same way to moving art. I don't mean cartoons. Imagine the Sistine Chapel in full motion. That would be some shit to see!
It has come to my attention that a lot of artist had switch to this way of doing their art. And to me these stop motion animations are quite the story tellers. They take you to a deeper level of understanding the characters involved in the art, their function, movement, process, and perception . Blu, Wada Nanahiro, and David Ellis are just a few names out there doing this.


Thursday, October 11, 2007



If you're down in Houston this weekend go check out this event. Should be rad, I mean just check out some of the sponsors! More info at

Time-Lapse Video: David Ellis

Bad ass time-lapse video of this cat David Ellis on a delivery truck [video link]. I met him last year at Virginia when he was introducing this time-lapse videos of him and his crew. For those who don't know him he's the artist who did the art on the inside of the latest Modest Mouse CD and he was also featured on Juxtapoz few months ago. Check it.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Let's see....We been away for some days now. Just catching up with stuff around life and what not. We went to the Infinity Crew Party Down at the Nine Eyes Tattoo Studio last Saturday and that shit was off the chain, thanks to the guys for some free brew and The Party for rockin' the back. I'll have some pictures from that. Hope you were there and don't need none of this pointless info or else you missed a kick ass party.

Umm...We'll probably be back Monday kickin' it strong and hopefully fill you guys up with good art and give you a scoop of our coming up project. But for now come closer to the era of limited prints that have been blowing up the last few months. Paper Monster's website got ill prints from artist like Swoon, Sam3, David Ellis n what not. So if you already got your SBs for this month...come spend some well-worth-money here.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Ears open to all you designers/illustrators/artists out there. Most of you could probably use a little more notoriety and another notch on your gun. Get your computers in gear because Implied Form has teamed up with Chixink and Pink Ghost to oversee a nice little t-shirt design contest. Fame and fortune await the winner, as well as a free t-shirt featuring your design, a $50 Pink Ghost gift certificate, 10 buttons also sporting your design, a link to your site on all three sponsor sites, and a matted print of your deisgn, all that on top of being internationally renowned. How can you pass up an opportunity like that? Well, we won't let you. You've only got until October 20th so you should probably go ahead and get started. Unless you're like us and you wait until the absolute last minute to do anything. You dirty procrastinator. For all the gory details, inspect the contest guidelines here,

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

dae zero

Speaking of sticker madness, this just came in from dude Dae Zero. I dunno 'bout you, but that little kid's face is kinda creepy. Anyways, that's a classic newspaper stand in SF. word. Check more Dae Zero here!

Sticker Freak

Here's a little morning treat:

Growing Strong

Yup, you heard it. It's not easy to keep growing 10 years old and still remaining strong, but The Infinity Crew has and they want you guys to come out and celebrate with them. Yo! support these guys' hustle and donate!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Deep Ellum Live!

This past Saturday there was live art down in Deep Ellum. For several reason we couldn't make it to check it out but a friend of mine, Daniel Garcia (from Ghetto Palettes) was at the spot throwing down some knowledge. Check out more of his stuff here or here