Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Let's see....We been away for some days now. Just catching up with stuff around life and what not. We went to the Infinity Crew Party Down at the Nine Eyes Tattoo Studio last Saturday and that shit was off the chain, thanks to the guys for some free brew and The Party for rockin' the back. I'll have some pictures from that. Hope you were there and don't need none of this pointless info or else you missed a kick ass party.

Umm...We'll probably be back Monday kickin' it strong and hopefully fill you guys up with good art and give you a scoop of our coming up project. But for now come closer to the era of limited prints that have been blowing up the last few months. Paper Monster's website got ill prints from artist like Swoon, Sam3, David Ellis n what not. So if you already got your SBs for this month...come spend some well-worth-money here.

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