Thursday, October 4, 2007


Ears open to all you designers/illustrators/artists out there. Most of you could probably use a little more notoriety and another notch on your gun. Get your computers in gear because Implied Form has teamed up with Chixink and Pink Ghost to oversee a nice little t-shirt design contest. Fame and fortune await the winner, as well as a free t-shirt featuring your design, a $50 Pink Ghost gift certificate, 10 buttons also sporting your design, a link to your site on all three sponsor sites, and a matted print of your deisgn, all that on top of being internationally renowned. How can you pass up an opportunity like that? Well, we won't let you. You've only got until October 20th so you should probably go ahead and get started. Unless you're like us and you wait until the absolute last minute to do anything. You dirty procrastinator. For all the gory details, inspect the contest guidelines here,

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