Monday, May 26, 2008

Damn You Oil!


New Motion

Old To The New

When I heard that Sole Power got second at jam in Houston I was stoked! but hearing that they were going to drive back to Dallas the same day, get home at 4am, then entering Old to The New jam? I could only hope that those guys at least showered. So on I went to the jam not knowing battles wouldn't start until 7:30, but there sure was enough bboys warming up before the battle.
They were holding down judging of black book battles. The catch though bring your book and they judge it, which means you don't get down on the black book during the jam? Sour Grapes were killing time outside painting along with Minus. Yessir.

SOPA ( SG13)


The final battle consisted of Sole Power vs. Three Man Army in a stand off that took the whole place by surprise. Both teams went out there and gave a true bboy exhibition by not holding anything back. Sole Power ended up killin' it and took 1st place and some cash. I gotta say that they have been progressing a lot, and keep an eye on them because they sure can rock the beat.



This is not video of the finals (I'll put that up as soon as some footage comes up) in the mean time here's some Sole Power for your mind.

RE*COV*ER Mural Series Pt. 2

Sergio Garcia, Luke Harnden and Mark Nelson (1st Place)

If you haven't been in Deep Ellum this past week than you must not know what's been going on to the walls of some of the businesses in the area. Let me fill you in. The Deep Ellum Association together with the Deep Ellum Foundation are sponsoring a series of mural contest for many purposes, but mainly to bring back some of that colour Deep Ellum lost by the lack of art murals that reflects its mix culture and some of its great musical history. Artist enter by submiting concepts murals that are surrounded with a strong message.

So for the past days the chosen artist did non-stop work on these murals which were judged for the chance to win cash prices. The winners were announced Saturday at The Prophet Bar. The finalists were announced last Friday, giving the artists one week to complete their murals. And the winners are: In first place, winning a grand prize of $1,000 is the team of Sergio Garcia, Luke Harnden and Mark Nelson with their mural at 2631 Commerce Street. Second place went to Tyson Summers winning $500 for his work of ar at 3003 Commerce Street and third place went to Brian Crawford for his Koi fish on the back side of The Door.

Congratualtions to the winning artist and everyone else who participated in this great project.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Extra Super Sweet Installation Show

Regardless of the being entirely exhausted from being at Ritual Warfare, I still had to make a stop at F6 Gallery to see how the show was going along. Right at I got there I could feel the excitement amongst the crowd from all the great installations that were done. J3RSH and I, included in the line up of this show, got to share this space with incredible artist. The space was filled up with more than just artwork, these installations were like a picture-perfect scene that made the art come to life. Each artist, with their art pieces, created a different dimension that took you inside their heads.

Besides from the art, the Arlington Police Dept. made their appearance into the show. Their reason was not really specified, but that sure was a first in F6 history.

For more pics of the content in the show jump right this way...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

this months music review

You paint that shit gold. The prolific duo of Slug and Ant are at it again, with thier 6th studio album entitled when life gives you lemons, you paint that shit gold. An el-p that brings you tracks filled with lyrical storytelling ranging from fatherhood, pimp life, homelessness to addiction. Also Ants masterfull production of the albums that offers small tastes of blues, funk, and some eclectic synth sound.
An album that The Source gave 3 mics and a half, I believe deserved a bit more gratitude than that. A track that is a major highlight is Dreamer with lyrics such as She do for her self, she dont want your help/afraid of bieng alone/ but fear aint enough to knock her off that stone/ gonna make that home a home with or with out a man she can call her own. a story that talks about a mother with a dead beat dad.
My personal pick would have to be yesterday that will surely make you feel nostalgic after you hear it. In her music box will take you along the ride of lyrical passion as he tells his story of fatherhood and a little girls dreams. The waitress ;look lady im homeless im crazy/ im so hopeless im suicidal daily/ if you and i cant co exist lets fake it/cause i aint got the energy it takes for this relationship. A beauty of a track. All around its a very well constucted album from start to end, a great belated gift for your mother an upcoming gift for your father, or just keep it for yourself i greatly recommend it.
lastly but not shortly i want to thank jav for this oppurtunity on your blog and hopefully its not the last. ENVE

Packed Saturday

Best believe that May has been a busy month, semesters being over, getting this together for Ritual Warfare, and not to mention intense hours working on stuff for F6. But all of this is done by the drive of the love I have for what I do. As this week continues, I will try to keep on posting stuff for you to chew on. There'll be a guest blogger coming in to fill in some space with good tunes reviews and such, so make sure to check that out.

I still haven't posted anything about the galleries I went to last weekend, excuse my slacking. I gotta say that the art scene in Dallas is getting better and better. More people with new ideas and techniques that are truly amazing. I'm gonna take this time to announce that free booze at galleries are a great compliment too.

Here's something to be excited about this weekend. Saturday night @ F6 Gallery:

(click image for large view)

Not just that but also the Sole Power crew will be hosting their first hip-hop jam in Irving this Saturday also. I'll be there running the graff contest along with some great judges: Optick One, Minus, and Tisk. So make sure to make it out, show some love and enjoy true hip-hop.


Monday, May 12, 2008

Electric Windows

Starting this Friday 24 artist from around the world will meet in Beacon, NY to start a three-day street art project that will be displayed for a whole year. The purpose of this installation is to bring a challenging connection between indoor and outdoor mainly because street art is rarely done inside a rectangular area, but it should be an interesting outcome. I'll keep updating about this project as more info comes along.

Eye Candy

Blu never stops impressing me with the stop-action animations he does.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sankofa Unplugged

Sankofa Arts Kafe - Cajun Soul Cuisine and Entertainment - has re-opened (near the old Galaxy Club space). They serve Cajun, Creole, with salads, soups, sandwiches, burgers, pastas and seafood entrees. Sankofa’s previous incarnation was on MLK with the likes of Erykah Badu, Outkast, Angie Stone and Common performing.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

500X Open Invitational

This Saturday, the 500x gallery will be hosting an open invitational art show from local artist in Dallas. I'll be displaying one of my recent works out there and so are some cats from Ghetto Palettes.

500X Open Invitational Reception

Semester is Almost Over

As the spring semester is on its way out the back door, I've been stressing over my Trig exam tomorrow. Not only that, my Art 1301 final project took must of my time this past week. group presented our project this evening at the studio in Mountain View and I have to say that the professor was somewhat speechless. The art piece is untitled but it sure executed its purpose by drawing out such feelings from the audience. I hope this gives me that A+. Judge yourself.

J3RSH's Lab

Saturday, after driving back from the Denton exhibition, I went out to check out J3RSH's place since he's going to be moving out to keep doing his thing at The Arts Institute. The bad news were knowing that all the stuff on the walls would have to be covered up, so I went on to take flics of them. Besides from the walls, I took a peak at what he's been working on [I don't think he knows this...] You can check out more of his art here and the F6 Gallery show May 17th.

Monday, May 5, 2008

From the Roots

Since I came into the states, I caught into skateboarding. It happened really fast; it started pushing me into networking with other cats that were doing it too. I remember practicing my heelflips on the carpet of my room and taking them to the street for an intense game of S.K.A.T.E. to flippin' down 4 stairs at the high school next day. At first I thought skateboarding would get me from place A to B within 5 miles from home, but I was wrong when I got my car and started driving to point A to point B to skate that spot. There are times that skateboarding, the culture that surrounds it, and the influence, which still to this date, have been blessings in my life. For all of you who remember Roof Top, Bingo banks, F Bank, Jackson 5, Domino's ledges, Jiffy Lube, and 'til this day will pick up a board and rock the smooth asfault or bust a kickflip. Much respect!

Chris is going to hate me for this one:


Deathbowl to Downtown, a movie made by NCP Film, is a documentary about the history of skateboarding in New York City. With promises to be an unprecedented film, the documentary not only explore the culture of street skating, but also provides an anthropological overview of skating's shift from the 70's to modern day. It also digs into broader issues such as how urban planning changes the environment of skaters and how skateboarders went from being ignored to being loved. With never-before-seen footage and interviews ranging from old school skaters to current innovators, Deathbowl to Downtown is definitely a film worth watching.

The Cans Festival

via Wooster Collective

Sole Power Jam!

Sign up now!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

On The Big Screen

Check out the Jive Turkeys preforming at The Magnolia Theater in Dallas at 7:15pm on Friday night!

Come out and support!