Monday, May 19, 2008

The Extra Super Sweet Installation Show

Regardless of the being entirely exhausted from being at Ritual Warfare, I still had to make a stop at F6 Gallery to see how the show was going along. Right at I got there I could feel the excitement amongst the crowd from all the great installations that were done. J3RSH and I, included in the line up of this show, got to share this space with incredible artist. The space was filled up with more than just artwork, these installations were like a picture-perfect scene that made the art come to life. Each artist, with their art pieces, created a different dimension that took you inside their heads.

Besides from the art, the Arlington Police Dept. made their appearance into the show. Their reason was not really specified, but that sure was a first in F6 history.

For more pics of the content in the show jump right this way...

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