Monday, May 5, 2008

From the Roots

Since I came into the states, I caught into skateboarding. It happened really fast; it started pushing me into networking with other cats that were doing it too. I remember practicing my heelflips on the carpet of my room and taking them to the street for an intense game of S.K.A.T.E. to flippin' down 4 stairs at the high school next day. At first I thought skateboarding would get me from place A to B within 5 miles from home, but I was wrong when I got my car and started driving to point A to point B to skate that spot. There are times that skateboarding, the culture that surrounds it, and the influence, which still to this date, have been blessings in my life. For all of you who remember Roof Top, Bingo banks, F Bank, Jackson 5, Domino's ledges, Jiffy Lube, and 'til this day will pick up a board and rock the smooth asfault or bust a kickflip. Much respect!

Chris is going to hate me for this one:


Deathbowl to Downtown, a movie made by NCP Film, is a documentary about the history of skateboarding in New York City. With promises to be an unprecedented film, the documentary not only explore the culture of street skating, but also provides an anthropological overview of skating's shift from the 70's to modern day. It also digs into broader issues such as how urban planning changes the environment of skaters and how skateboarders went from being ignored to being loved. With never-before-seen footage and interviews ranging from old school skaters to current innovators, Deathbowl to Downtown is definitely a film worth watching.

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