Tuesday, May 13, 2008

this months music review

You paint that shit gold. The prolific duo of Slug and Ant are at it again, with thier 6th studio album entitled when life gives you lemons, you paint that shit gold. An el-p that brings you tracks filled with lyrical storytelling ranging from fatherhood, pimp life, homelessness to addiction. Also Ants masterfull production of the albums that offers small tastes of blues, funk, and some eclectic synth sound.
An album that The Source gave 3 mics and a half, I believe deserved a bit more gratitude than that. A track that is a major highlight is Dreamer with lyrics such as She do for her self, she dont want your help/afraid of bieng alone/ but fear aint enough to knock her off that stone/ gonna make that home a home with or with out a man she can call her own. a story that talks about a mother with a dead beat dad.
My personal pick would have to be yesterday that will surely make you feel nostalgic after you hear it. In her music box will take you along the ride of lyrical passion as he tells his story of fatherhood and a little girls dreams. The waitress ;look lady im homeless im crazy/ im so hopeless im suicidal daily/ if you and i cant co exist lets fake it/cause i aint got the energy it takes for this relationship. A beauty of a track. All around its a very well constucted album from start to end, a great belated gift for your mother an upcoming gift for your father, or just keep it for yourself i greatly recommend it.
lastly but not shortly i want to thank jav for this oppurtunity on your blog and hopefully its not the last. ENVE

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