Monday, May 26, 2008

RE*COV*ER Mural Series Pt. 2

Sergio Garcia, Luke Harnden and Mark Nelson (1st Place)

If you haven't been in Deep Ellum this past week than you must not know what's been going on to the walls of some of the businesses in the area. Let me fill you in. The Deep Ellum Association together with the Deep Ellum Foundation are sponsoring a series of mural contest for many purposes, but mainly to bring back some of that colour Deep Ellum lost by the lack of art murals that reflects its mix culture and some of its great musical history. Artist enter by submiting concepts murals that are surrounded with a strong message.

So for the past days the chosen artist did non-stop work on these murals which were judged for the chance to win cash prices. The winners were announced Saturday at The Prophet Bar. The finalists were announced last Friday, giving the artists one week to complete their murals. And the winners are: In first place, winning a grand prize of $1,000 is the team of Sergio Garcia, Luke Harnden and Mark Nelson with their mural at 2631 Commerce Street. Second place went to Tyson Summers winning $500 for his work of ar at 3003 Commerce Street and third place went to Brian Crawford for his Koi fish on the back side of The Door.

Congratualtions to the winning artist and everyone else who participated in this great project.

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