Monday, March 31, 2008

Ambition - "It's On!"

Ambition is an organization whose mission is to create growth and support within the cultured community. The movement is based in the Dallas area with potential to grow statewide, nationwide, and eventually worldwide. It will generate a culture where networking, promotion, and recognition of both the urban arts and fine arts is made possible. Dallas will play host to shows and productions that feature local and renowned talent including painters, musicians, dancers, poets, emcees, turntablists, film makers, graffiti artists and anyone with the desire to better themselves. Through our commitment to serving this culture, we wish to create a sense of family. Providing a place where talents are showcased and promoted, where individuals discover groups with the same interests, where passion is found, shared, and appreciated through all areas of the arts by all those who participate. The greater mission is found in cultivating the idea that your Ambition to be worthy of being appreciated by all.

For more info on how to contact them go here.



Conent Review

This past Saturday Kerrie Conover curated the Content art show at the F6 Gallery. The exhibition was full of interesting artwork that went beyond its own understanding. This was certainly something different from what F6 has been doing in the past shows, either way the turn out was great. Mer, Jersh, and I were doing some live painting through out the whole show, which was 4 hours of straight up painting, yet of course with the help of a few cups of wine and good music from Prince Erik and Roske. Thanks to the guys at F6 and Kerrie for the opportunity to do this live painting that I've been wanting to do for a long time. Also shout out to Danielson for getting down with us.

More pictures here

Watch Your Back

Sneak preview of the new Sour Grapes Paleta Shirts designs. Make sure to get these early because they will fly. Also, Sour Grapes will be making an appearance at the Sneaks Up 2 in San Antonio next Sunday. They will releasing their new Paleta Shirts there. Go Support!

Friday, March 28, 2008

F6 Gallery: Content

About Content

F6 Gallery, has handed over the reigns to Kerrie Conover, Fort Worth photographer and conceptual artist, for the March 29th show. The exhibition is open to all artists. All visual media is eligible including drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, installation and video (artist must supply all required electronic equipment), etc.

Content show is about work that is more than just art for art’s sake. We are looking for visual media that has a deeper meaning or concept. Inspire us. Challenge us. Provoke us.

About the Curator

Kerrie Conover is an artist living and working in Fort Worth, Texas who splits her time between tending to the responsibilities of her position as Instructional Design Assistant at Texas Christian University (doing graphic design, training faculty to enhance their teaching using technology, and managing TCU’s online course management system), Training students at the Fort Worth Institute of Photography in Photoshop, and pursuing a career as a conceptual artist and photographer. Her work has been included in exhibitions throughout Texas and New York City.She is continuing to make work and show in galleries often, including at F6 Gallery. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts, as a Studio Art major (Photography emphasis) from Texas Christian University in 2001.


Monday, March 24, 2008

History Was Made (UPDATE 1)

Fresh out the oven original footage from Artifacts.

History in the Making Vol. 1

Now we can talk about the many writers who jumped the fence and took the greatest most ironic miracles that happened. A train actually stopped right behind the venue, so all of those graffiti writers that were in the back tagging the walls, took off for a chance of a life time to tag up the train. Believe it! History was made!

History Was Made

Despite that I hardly ever go to Ft. Worth, this past Saturday was unforgivable. I came out of the house with a fresh new stencil I made specially for this event and headed to what they were advertising as "History In The Making", and it truly was. The guys from Artifacts went all out on this event. DFW's graff writers were taking over some huge walls, 30x8 foot wall, and one 88x8 foot wall and the bomb wall was 8x8 feet. Over 150 feet of wall. All of it was covered with amazing pieces. On the other side there was free-for-all walls and a "bomb" wall where they held quick bombing battles. Inside there was a huge gym that was taken over by breakers, bboys, and bgirls. Sure enough my good friends from Sole Power came out and really took over the circle. Aside from the graffiti going on outside there were two rooms dedicated to all kinds of paintings on canvas.

As the afternoon went along, everyone was enjoying a good time and there was a lot to look at, whether you were outside seeing the writers get down or inside watching the bboys dance. I gotta give it up to the Artifacts crew for putting out such a detailed event with all the elements in place that the atmosphere was just right for all the true heads. Even if you aren't into graffiti you couldn't help yourself but to stare at the beautiful colors being sprayed with such skill onto these walls.

Unfortunately I left right before the most memorable part of the event happened, but as I got the phone call right after it happened I couldn't even imagine what the rush really was like. I don't want to screw up the moment and tell you the story as it was told to me without any footage to show you, but I will say that the graff writers were running like little kids right after the piñata was busted and everyone was after to get the candy. So if you were there or someone told you about what happened there then share it, but I would like to wait until some footage is released though.

Hopefully this is just the beginning of an new era for the hip hop scene in the DFW. And perhaps more people start to recognize and respect that there is really a big family, community out there that love doing this and bringing it all together. I want people out there to keep supporting everyone's hustle, and if we want to come out strong, we gotta do it together.

Recognize, Respect, Support.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fish Nets

The Main Attraction
Doors at 9pm
$5 - 18+
@ The Loft
1135 S. Lamar St.
Dallas, TX

Hip-Hop Expo (3/22/08)

(click image for larger view)

Wake up, take a shower to get rid of last-night's hang over, eat some tacos and head out to Ft.Worth for what I would say a huge jam. Artifacts Graf House will be holding it strong at the spot bringing us a whole day of all the elements plus some giveaways. This is an ALL day event, so bring your skateboards and bikes too.

Ghetto Palettes and Sour Grapes in the house!

Artifacts Hip Hop Expo
409 Kellis St.
Ft. Worth, TX
12pm - 8pm

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Missing In Action

I know there has not been many post or updates lately and perhaps my excuses can justify a little.
I was busy working on a painting for the last few weeks that was showcased at a St. Patrick's Green Contest at City Tavern last weekend. I wasn't there for the event, but I found out my piece won the contest. More on that later...

School has been requiring more time out of my hands since mid-terms are coming along. There has been a load of homework too from Trig. and I really don't know what's the deal with my professor but he's picky about the homework layout???

Anyways, excuse my absence in this blog for the past week. I'll be posting later about a few projects that me (or/and Support The Hustle) will be involved in like: Deep Ellum Arts Festival (feat. Sour Grapes, Ghetto Palettes, and guest artists), BBoy City down in ATX later in April, the 'Concept' art show at the F6 Gallery next weekend, shirts, street art, and more Live Art events.


Thursday, March 13, 2008


Brand new t-shirt out from the Sour Grapes in collaboration with Complete Clothing down in Austin which is hosting the grapes for a week during SXSW for a special art showcase. This nice crafted shirt is 9 colors and only 20 bucks! Cop that!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Running Strong

Pacific Art Collective (PAC) is recognized for catapulting a collaborative arts movement. PAC is dedicated to presenting events that create awareness for International artists, art districts, venues & organizations through cross-cultural education and live performance. It is now celebrating 5 years on March 20th of running strong with their live art movement. These cats have dominated over the West coast for a while and now they are celebrating big. Here's some footage of their tour late last year:

Can Dallas step-up?

All About Content

(click image for larger view)

From the curator, Kerrie Conover:This event is going to be hosted on the same night as Fort Worth Gallery Night. If you don't know what that is, it is an evening hosted by the Fort Worth Art Dealers Association, in which many galleries and museums in Fort Worth (as well as UTA, Arlington Museum of Art) have their doors open to the public for free admission into the space for exhibitions. Thousands of people come out and "gallery hop" from place to place. This year, F6 will be listed as a "Friend of the Art Dealer's Association" in the Gallery Night brochure, that is exposed to the masses, and hopefully published as well in the Star-Telegram, Arlington Paper, FW Weekly, and Dallas Observer.

My good friend Mer and I will be doing a live art composition during this event. Please feel welcome to come out and check us out.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Live Art Outcome

Last Friday Ghetto Palettes thew a live art event showcasing their art and other guest artist. The turn out was off the chain. We had b-boys showing off their skills, a good crowd, dj's, and of course the live art. Above is an image of the project being done. Thanks to Joe from The Office for putting up the spot and the good drinks. Hopefully we can pull something off like this pretty soon.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Meanwhile @ ATX...

"Women Are Heroes" (via Wooster Collective)

It was about a year ago that JR first told us about his “Women are Heroes" project, a collaboration with Médecins Sans Frontières.

Taking his trusty 28 millimeter lens, for the last year JR has been traveling to such countries as Sierra Leone, Liberia, Southern Sudan and Kenya, documenting the lives of a group of incredibly courageous women.

Now, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, the full documentation of the Women Are Heroes project is being launched on the web. And not surprisingly, the work is absolutely breathtaking.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Reaction and Interaction

For over an hour, Jeremy Gibbs stood across the street from a fresh piece by Banksy on Essex Road and filmed people who stopped to look at the piece and take photos.

It is interesting to me the diversity of people who stop to admire the piece and the way they interact with it too. It's not surprising that Banksy would get this kind of attention, but at the same time I could never imagine this much interaction with street art would ever be possible coming from the audience. In this sort of scenario it makes me feel that street art does bring some values.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Jeru x Case Magazine

Jeru and Case Magazine came out this spring with a limited edition t-shirt with art from the artist himself. The graphic is bad ass and not just that but the t-shirt comes with a mini print of Jeru's work and some other info. You can buy one here or from Jeru himself.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Relay For Life®, the American Cancer Society's signature event, is a fun-filled overnight experience designed to bring together those who have been touched by cancer. At Relay, people from within the community gather to celebrate survivors, remember those lost to cancer, and to fight back against this disease. Relay participants help raise money and awareness to support the American Cancer Society in its lifesaving mission to eliminate cancer as a major health issue.

Sign up today to become a part of the Relay For Life® effort in your community, and you too can fight back against cancer. Donate here!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Speaker Series (via SaveDeepEllum.Org)

The Deep Ellum First Tuesday Speaker series continues. This week, we will have Brian Gibb of The Public Trust and Art Prostitute, along with Alex Bevil of the Town Square Project and Magazine. Alex and Brian have been working together on the Town Square website and newsletter/magazine. They will be speaking with the area about the project, as well as discussing marketing and event planning in Deep Ellum.

Brian Gibb has brought many a wonderful event to Deep Ellum from the ongoing Public Trust Gallery shows, to CADD events, to music nights with the likes of Ian MacKaye from Fugazi, to book nights with the fun folks of Found Magazine.

Alex Bevil along with the crew of the Town Square Project brought a number of great block party events to Dada, the Bone, and the Sunshine parking lot including art, music, poi (fire) dancers, fashion shows and multimedia events all in a central space. It was nice to see Elm Street alive for those.

Thanks again to Frank and Kirk of Kettle Art for hosting us at their gallery.

Brought to you by folks from Deep Ellum Enrichment Project and the Deep Ellum Association.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Do You Dress Like This?

The city of Santa Ana answers to what is tagging?

"Tagging is not an art form or about expressing oneself. It is vandalism and the destruction of private and public property. Tagging is any unauthorized marking, etching, scratching, drawing, painting or defacing of any surface of public, private, real or personal property."

For more of this non-sense go here

But who really wants to read that?

Ok so what is this really about? I guess the city is trying to get all the parents of teenagers to stereotype their kids because the way the dress? I mean seriously, a lot the clothes that are being worn by young cats are either street culture related or graffiti related, so do expect your sneakers to have some kind of tag on them now a days. Another thing in my opinion, a "tagger" really has to think about what kind of attention he/she will bring by the way they dress when they go out and tag. Perhaps "taggers" will start coming out and bomb the streets on suits, tuxedos, or prom dresses. Let's be serious here...this kind of shitty propaganda makes it more dangerous to people who dress like that who are being harassed by cops just because you got a bandana around your neck and some paint on your pants and backpack. Fuck that!

Royal Rumble

Broken down bus, change of location, sleepless nights, and perhaps a few gray hairs is what the Sour Grapes went through just a few hours before their big show in the heart of Deep Ellum. I have to give it up to these guys pulling this show off with so many unfortunate things happening right before the big opening. They truly made SOMETHING out of NOTHING. The show was a huge turn out with people close to the hundreds I would estimate. Nature was on the decks as people scanned through the art work and the smell of food coming from the restaurant made me feel like I was back in Mexico. Anyways...expect the unexpected from these guys in a near future and thanks to everyone for their support.

Oh yeah, Emily thanks for the paleta!