Monday, March 3, 2008

Speaker Series (via SaveDeepEllum.Org)

The Deep Ellum First Tuesday Speaker series continues. This week, we will have Brian Gibb of The Public Trust and Art Prostitute, along with Alex Bevil of the Town Square Project and Magazine. Alex and Brian have been working together on the Town Square website and newsletter/magazine. They will be speaking with the area about the project, as well as discussing marketing and event planning in Deep Ellum.

Brian Gibb has brought many a wonderful event to Deep Ellum from the ongoing Public Trust Gallery shows, to CADD events, to music nights with the likes of Ian MacKaye from Fugazi, to book nights with the fun folks of Found Magazine.

Alex Bevil along with the crew of the Town Square Project brought a number of great block party events to Dada, the Bone, and the Sunshine parking lot including art, music, poi (fire) dancers, fashion shows and multimedia events all in a central space. It was nice to see Elm Street alive for those.

Thanks again to Frank and Kirk of Kettle Art for hosting us at their gallery.

Brought to you by folks from Deep Ellum Enrichment Project and the Deep Ellum Association.

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