Sunday, March 2, 2008

Royal Rumble

Broken down bus, change of location, sleepless nights, and perhaps a few gray hairs is what the Sour Grapes went through just a few hours before their big show in the heart of Deep Ellum. I have to give it up to these guys pulling this show off with so many unfortunate things happening right before the big opening. They truly made SOMETHING out of NOTHING. The show was a huge turn out with people close to the hundreds I would estimate. Nature was on the decks as people scanned through the art work and the smell of food coming from the restaurant made me feel like I was back in Mexico. Anyways...expect the unexpected from these guys in a near future and thanks to everyone for their support.

Oh yeah, Emily thanks for the paleta!

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tolentinoed said...

heyo, i think we're right up the same alley...