Monday, May 26, 2008

Old To The New

When I heard that Sole Power got second at jam in Houston I was stoked! but hearing that they were going to drive back to Dallas the same day, get home at 4am, then entering Old to The New jam? I could only hope that those guys at least showered. So on I went to the jam not knowing battles wouldn't start until 7:30, but there sure was enough bboys warming up before the battle.
They were holding down judging of black book battles. The catch though bring your book and they judge it, which means you don't get down on the black book during the jam? Sour Grapes were killing time outside painting along with Minus. Yessir.

SOPA ( SG13)


The final battle consisted of Sole Power vs. Three Man Army in a stand off that took the whole place by surprise. Both teams went out there and gave a true bboy exhibition by not holding anything back. Sole Power ended up killin' it and took 1st place and some cash. I gotta say that they have been progressing a lot, and keep an eye on them because they sure can rock the beat.



This is not video of the finals (I'll put that up as soon as some footage comes up) in the mean time here's some Sole Power for your mind.

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