Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Big Bad Wolf

So I had a dream. A dream that I could refrain from using dots in between my sentences and actually be able to get my thoughts documented. My boy Javi's on it. The only kid I know that has his whole day planned 3 days in advanced and actually goes through with it. I said, "Yo, Javi! Let me write on your blog. I got some shit to get off my chest!" His answer: "Sounds good, Bro."

So here I am.

Call the kid Preface.

Act One
I'ma catch mad beef for this, but at this point, I gotta call it how I see it. Will someone please tell me why the youth adores Mr. Hussein Obama so damn much? I mean, don't get me wrong. I'm always down for change. But are we that damn simple-minded that we'll base our votes on charisma and promises alone? What has this cat truly shown you to win your vote so easily? 1st, he's a former republican. Funny that after a president has served his whole term, he has always been replaced with a president of the opposing party. Does this not seem convenient for Mr. Hussein to switch parties? He'd have absolutely no chance running as a republican, so he does the smartest thing he could and scoots over to the left side of the spectrum. Well done, Obama.
2nd, he voiced his opposition to the war BEFORE he got into the senate and admitted later that had he been in the senate at the time of the vote. Since he's been in, he's voted to fund the war at every turn, while hypocritically bashing Clinton and everyone else for their votes.
3rd, He voted to confirm Condoleeza Rice and renew the Patriot Act. THE FUCKING PATRIOT ACT! (Heads: Peep anything by Immortal Technique to get a better understanding of this)
Finally, he supported old war hawk Joe Lieberman in his senate race against anti-war challenger, Ned Lamont. The dude's MAD coo with Wall Street (he's gotten millions from Goldman Sachs) and he's a straight bitch on the subject of Israel's oppression of the Palestinians.

But yoooo, it's cool to dig Obama right? Your favorite rapper does.

Fuck that.

Don't vote one way because you're told to vote one way. Come with some real reasons. I heard on the radio today that they're actually paying people to vote for Hussein. Are you kidding me? How many people you know go from Muslim to Christian? The right to vote is something precious, you should NEVER be bought. Don't vote for someone because it's cool, vote for someone because they stand by some shit that they are actually capable of doing.

Heh, call me whatever you like, but this dude is suspect.

*Props to Javi for letting me excercise the 1st Ammendment*

I love my country. Do you?