Sunday, February 24, 2008

Back At The Headquarters...

We're happy to say that this blog has been steady and I try to keep up with what goes on around the city. The content that is posted is always related to this growing community and the purpose is to bring the scene together. There are artist and other people who are starting to recognize the blog as a source of good coverage of the scene and a perfect way to keep the community updated. This is a good enough reason to start getting the word out there and perhaps get people to support our hustle. I made some shirts for the blog as a way of promoting it. I don't think I won't be mass producing these yet, so far I've made some exclusive tees for close friends. If you feel like our job is being well done and think that this blog is a good source of information for you, then I'll be glad to send you a t-shirt for a small donation of $8.00.

If interested send me an email at:


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