Sunday, April 6, 2008

Live Art Review

The organizer of the Deep Ellum Arts Festival, Stephen Millard, was kind enough to let me execute the live art concept yesterday at the festival. This of course was done on the street so people could experience art being created on the spot. At the beginning of the afternoon we were put on a really good spot on the corner of Main St. and Malcom X but unfortunately the assholes from Chrysler Motors were complaining of us blocking their entrance and other fire lane crap. So even tho we were moved down few feet from the intersection, we were still able to have fun and paint all day. The response of the crowd was fantastic. Sunday was a better day, better spot, better art. Many curious pedestrians made their way to see the 'box' that we were painting on. I guess for people to see something like this being done was pretty new, specially when you have more than 5 artist painting one single object. Other artist stopped by and check out what we were doing and gave us a lot of props. Hey, even Dallas Morning News guy was fascinated. Anyways, I want to thank Stephen once again for letting us do this. Big props to all my friends that came by and painted: Mer, Chris, Danny, Chantelle, SEDSO, Richard, and the list goes on...
Thanks to Town2 Magazine for support, and also to everyone from Ghetto Palettes that were showcasing some great art at the festival too.

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