Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hip Hop At The Park

For you people who were over sleeping from getting to wasted Saturday night and couldn't come up to Plano for this amazing event, then too bad! The guys from Neva Dug Disco put together this gig at a park Sunday afternoon. We got to check out some bad ass B-boy battles, writers getting down in the woods, Dj's, poets, and of course some good BBQ! Everybody came out there to support Hip Hop and we'll like to congratulate these Neve Dug Disco guys for putting this together. Keep it up yo!
Some of what you missed:


Nezo (MSG Crew)

Of course Chris and I had to get down with a piece too.

Gor (MSG Crew)

And Doof breaking it down, or should I say up?

Support the Hustle, Keep Hip Hop Alive!

- Javi


Anonymous said...

hey i know this guy his myspace is

gor_one said...

nezo is a sour grape crew