Thursday, November 15, 2007

Javi Update

For the past few months I've been doing some small works on my free time. In between work and school I get to do these few pieces:

Purple Haze. This one was mainly inspired by Hendrix's music. I kept on listening to this song over and over feeling th flow of his guitar and trying to portrait that into the painting. I was also influenced by frequent arguments on how the human/nature/cosmos are somewhat connected with each other.

Colourful Foot Fetish.
I can't really say much about this one. It is so spontaneous and raw. Hahahaha. Feet.

Ms. Medula Oblongada.
A few months back, I went to a free Erikah Badu show down at the DMA and I made this sketch of her while she was preforming. I was so drawn to her way of singing and appearance that I it made me do this kind of glowing background.

Triple Threat (DFW).
A week ago The Triple Threat threw a B-Boy battle gig down at the Balck Forest Theater and I made this for the graffiti competition. Of course after not wining I took it back home, took a picture of it, then...slapped it on this blog. Ha haha. Anyways. Is just a wheat paste of Dallas's Skyline and some other designs.

(all of these for sale)

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