Monday, January 25, 2010

Bows and Arrows: Matt & Mary Emma Hawthorne

Last Saturday I got an invite to check out a show by Matt & Mary Emma Hawthorne hosted at this magnificent new gallery in the middle of lower Greenville Ave, Bows and Arrows. I met Adam who runs the gallery with his wife who. They moved from NYC to try out their luck in Texas and I must say this gallery will be in the spotlight pretty soon. The location is great, the intimate feeling you get when you walk in is so welcoming, and the art featured is very fresh.

The collages made by Mary Emma were intriguing to me. This new series was mainly inspired after a mission trip to Africa in which she incorporated many materials from the mother land which give you a greater perspective of the feelings involved in the pieces.

Matt Hawthorne, a commercial photographer, had a series of prints of iPhone Polaroids. This to me was very cutting edge and creative. To use a device that we carry around everywhere, the cellphone, and use its capability to take pictures with a Polaroid App is pretty f'king genius.

I asked him how he came about this idea and he said "Polaroids became to expensive, 3-4 dollars per picture. So I downloaded the app and since I carry my phone everywhere, it makes it easier and more productive to take pictures with it."

Show runs thru the 23rd of next month.

Bows and Arrows
1925 greenville avenue
dallas, tx 75206


Anonymous said...

why are you linked to my blog? I'd rather not associate with you.

A polaroid app... interesting.. polaroid is pretty iconic. I personally think that takes away from the true art that is polaroid. Especially from the phycisist and inventor Edwin Land who made polaroid.

What's so genius about using a an app that looks like polaroid? Takes away the risk and skill of the art. I would like to physically shake my polaroids.

I'm sure his pictures are lovely. I'm glad he appreciates the aesthetics of polaroid... but these would be of much more interest if they were real.

Technology and its use/over use in society could be an interesting conversation around the app.

michael bell smith-

Anonymous said...

oh that youtube link is mike smith, not to be confused with michael bell smith.

Anonymous said...

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