Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Del Sur

So if you haven't been aware of anything that has to do with street art, Above and Ripo have been on a South and Central America Tour for a few months now. All their adventures and works along the Southern part of this continent are posted on their blog. These guys are traveling from country to country making some serious progressive work along the streets with true meaning and always keeping it simple with word/play. I say progressive because this is not your typical graffiti writing, this is more than just a name being tagged. These are words that described true meaning of our lives and they are really making a good job at it. I'm truly amazed on these two artist and how they break international boundaries to get the job done. I hope more and more artist keep up this kind of hustle. Check it yourself here: http://southcentraltour.wordpress.com/

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Chantelle said...

timeless... man.

i'd like to see that too.
the world could use more eye candy