Monday, January 21, 2008


Now I usually wouldn't do this but eh who cares.

So today, as most of us might know, is an 'important' day for those who fought through the civil rights movement. But it a way this day doesn't really signifies a damn thing about Civil Rights. Perhaps it's just by honoring a person who fought all the way through and got him killed. This person, MLK Jr., not just lived for this movement...but it got him flat out killed. Now I don't want to go thru theories and what not, but perhaps someone, like the government, didn't like what he was doing or perhaps that someone was scared by what this man's power was doing. Someone out there wanted to kill this man for a particular reason. Maybe they didn't believe that black people should have the rights that white men do. But at the end of it all we all finally received equal rights. Well...that's what the government wants you to believe. I'm might not just be the only one that thinks there's still racism going on and people still segregate latinos and blacks. The system was made for those people to be just happy enough that they wouldn't rise up arms again against the government. Well it all came down to this. We get satisfied with a silly day honoring this man, when I think there should be movements still going on. But let's be serious...people are happy enough with what the system gives them. And they will just put up through the discriminations from one day to another. And it won't stop....cause men like MLK aren't alive anymore. Perhaps no one is brave enough to stand against the powerful government....

Except for this man:

Unless he's just a white man's puppet...

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The Greek said...

MLK wasn't THAT great of a man.

He was both a womanizer and a plagerizer.
But the cover of the book looks nice... what the hell right?